Rethinking the way tickets are sold

Introducing an advanced ticket solution for festivals with a focus on branding and the overall guest experience.

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Rethinking tickets

More than just a single line of text: Our new and branded tickets

Ticket Example
Ticket Example
Ticket Example
Ticket Example
Ticket Example
  • A new concept

    Starting from scratch, we made our tickets different from the competition. We see digital tickets as your primary sales channel, so we build them for a mobile and digital world.

  • How it works

    We combine a ticketbase with flexible ticket options. Bundled with a price tag, rich descriptions and images, those two components define what we call a "ticket".

  • Branded tickets

    Tickets are highly customizable and can be made to fit your brand and message. From colors to whole animated images - everything is possible. With more than just a line of text, the concept of "owning" a digital ticket changes completely.

  • Sell more tickets

    Make it easy for your customers: We optimized the tickets for every device and made them as user-friendly as possible. This will improve your conversation rate and can lead to an increase in sales.

Ticket options

Increase your revenue and sell more by giving choice to your customers

Ticket option examples
  • Use options

    Start with the ticket base and then add more value for your guests by offering options. Combine tickets that can only be used together or offer small upgrades and more services.

  • Flexible configuration

    Ticket options can be configured per ticketbase. They are available before or after the purchase or both. It is even possible to use a negative price for discounts.

A modern solution

Delivering a fast and scalable online shop with everything included.

Ticket option examples
  • Looks great everywhere

    Say no to old and ugly stores on your smartphone. Nearstage looks great on every device and can be customized to your branding.

  • Fast and reliable

    Running on a scalable infrastructure the Nearstage plattform can handle a huge amount of requests. Never let your customers wait for a page to load - we are fast and reliable.


Everything else that you need for your event.

  • Payments


    Guets can pay with invoice, giroPay, Creditcard, PayPal oder Direct Debit. We will handle the payment and billing process for you.

  • Mobile Shop

    Mobile app

    Nearstage offers an additional app for smartphones. Share news, updates and information with your guests, together with a build in ticket store.

  • Safe and secure

    Safe and secure

    Everything - from the ticket validation and the checkout process to the data in our system - is highly secured and safe.

  • Analytics

    Insights from analytics

    Get intelligent insights into your ticket sales and guests. Nearstage automatically creates reports and live updated analytics.

  • Check-In App

    Check-In App

    Download the app to your smartphone, scan your master code and everything is setup. Scan the tickets and get live updates at every entry.

  • Hardtickets

    Printed and real tickets

    Beside digital tickets that guests can print at home or download on their smartphone we offer high-quality print tickets as an option.

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